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Signature Oven Series

SteamGourmet Oven

Mastering the healthy power of steam

Experience effortless, wholesome cooking with the Teka SteamGourmet oven, a masterpiece perfected for professional gastronomy in everyday meals. Indulge in elevated flavours, rich aromas, and exquisite textures that our three specialised steam cooking functions bring to every dish. Let HLB 8550 SC oven be your gateway to turning nutritious ingredients into sensory delights.


FullSteam ahead with SteamGourmet

Experience the transformative power of FullSteam, Teka's pioneering function that introduces 100% steam cooking at various temperatures. Embrace the sous-vide method, once exclusive to professional chefs, and guarantee healthier, more flavourful dishes. FullSteam is the key to unlocking a richer palate of tastes, ensuring your meals are a perfect blend of nutrition and indulgence.

Crispiness and juiciness combined

Expand your culinary horizons with SteamGourmet's CombiSteam function, fusing steam with conventional heat to unlock irresistible textures and flavours. Select the Steam&Crisp feature for perfectly golden exteriors or embrace TurboSteam for succulently moist interiors. This game-changing feature empowers you to perfect every dish, achieving the gourmet balance between crispy and juicy.


Freshness revived

Bring yesterday's meals back to life with the Regenerate function, a secret weapon from the world of professional kitchens. This feature delicately reheats and rehydrates, preserving the freshness, flavour, and texture of your meals. With Regenerate, every dish is reborn, offering a dining experience that tastes freshly prepared.

Safety by design

The SteamGourmet HLB 8550 SC prioritizes your safety without compromising on style or functionality. Its triple-glazed door retains heat efficiently, keeping the exterior cool, while the patented automatic control panel simplifies water tank access. Enjoy the convenience of telescopic guides and a soft-closing system that contribute to a safe, user-friendly cooking environment.


A full-function oven for unlimited possibilities

Teka's HLB 8550 SC exceeds expectations with SurroundTemp, a traditional oven feature that assures even cooking. This versatile appliance adapts to any culinary challenge, providing a full array of functions to bake, roast, and more. Your kitchen becomes a haven of endless possibilities, where every recipe is executed to perfection.


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HLB 8550 SC
SteamGourmet Oven

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