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A kitchen cooker hood, also commonly known as range hood or exhaust hood, is an essential kitchen appliance for many households in Singapore, particularly for families living in flats. It ensures you can cook your favorite meals without worrying about unpleasant odours or smoke, keeping your kitchen air clean and fresh.


Experience the quality and innovation that have made Teka a trusted brand worldwide. Browse our range of products and find the perfect kitchen cooker range hood for your home today.

Slimline Cooker Hood

Teka’s Slimline Cooker Hoods are designed for those who want a sleek and modern look in their kitchen without sacrificing functionality. With its slim and streamlined design, this range of cooker hoods fits perfectly into any kitchen, providing efficient ventilation without taking up too much space.

Built-in Hood

Teka's Built-in Hoods blend seamlessly into any kitchen, offering a discreet yet powerful solution for smoke and odour removal. Their innovative design ensures efficient ventilation while maintaining the elegance of your kitchen's aesthetics.

Chimney Cooker Hood

Teka’s Chimney Cooker Hoods are a stylish and functional addition to any kitchen. Designed with innovative technologies, these range hoods provide powerful ventilation and odour extraction for a fresh cooking space.

Island Cooker Hood

Teka’s Island Cooker Hoods are perfect for those who love to cook and entertain guests in the kitchen. Designed to be mounted above kitchen islands, these range hoods provide effective ventilation and add a touch of elegance to your kitchen space.

Downdraft Cooker Hood

Teka’s Downdraft Cooker Hoods are designed to provide a seamless and efficient solution for ventilation in your kitchen. These range hoods are perfect for those who want to avoid the traditional wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted hood, as they are installed directly into the countertop.

Improved air quality and a clean cooking environment

Upgrade your cooking experience with a quality cooking hood that keeps your kitchen clean and healthy. With a Teka kitchen hood, you can eliminate unpleasant smells and smoke while cooking and enjoy a more pleasant cooking experience.

Need help?

At Teka, we have helpful resources to assist you in making the most out of your Teka hood. Our team of experts have compiled everything from tips on features and troubleshooting advice to general information. 


Alternatively, contact us if you have any questions or need further assistance.