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Teka E-Warranty

All Teka appliances come with 2 years warranty. 

Registering your Teka appliance is quick and easy. Please enter your appliance's model, delivery date, and proof of purchase (invoice, receipt, or delivery order). 

Activation of E-Warranty

Cook With Love Pte. Ltd. (CWL) is the sole distributor for Teka in Singapore. To ensure the highest quality and safety standards, we only import and sell Teka appliances that comply with all the necessary safety regulations in Singapore. We strongly encourage our customers to purchase Teka kitchen appliances from authorised channels. Customers will need to provide an original invoice and a serial number of the respective appliance to enjoy peace of mind from buying Teka products. However, CWL retains the right to refuse activation of warranty, after-sales service, and maintenance for products purchased from non-authorised channels (including parallel imports). For further clarification, contact us via

E-Warranty Registration

Personal Details

Kitchen Appliance(s) Details

Please enter your appliance's model number below. You can easily find your model number on your appliance's product label, instruction manual, or delivery order / sales order / invoice

Proof of Purchase

Lastly, please upload a digital copy of your sales order or invoice for your Teka appliance purchase. The sales order or invoice can come from our approved partners or us, including online marketplaces such as Lazada, Shopee, Carousell, etc. 

Thank you for choosing our services. To help us serve you better, please send us your sales order or invoice in image format only. Kindly ensure that the details in the image are legible. We do not accept PDF files anymore. Thank you for your understanding.

We reserve the right to reject any incomplete E-warranty registration. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated. 

Upload File

Having trouble uploading your image?


If you're unable to upload your image, it's likely that the file size exceeds the limit of 15MB. But don't worry, there's a quick solution. Simply perform a 'print screen' to re-capture the image and convert it to a lower size that's below 15MB. This should solve the problem and allow you to successfully upload your image.

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