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Warranty Terms & Conditions

1. Warranty Overview

1.1. Teka appliances come with a standard two-year warranty.

1.2. The warranty starts from the date of purchase by the end-user. For appliances integrated into a fitted kitchen, the warranty starts from the date the kitchen is fully installed and handed over.

1.3. A valid proof of purchase is mandatory and must be presented to the service engineer before any warranty-covered service can commence.

1.4. If an appliance fault is confirmed, the warranty covers its repair or replacement.

1.5. Teka retains the right to inspect the faulty appliance and prioritize repair when feasible.

1.6. If repair or replacement is neither possible nor viable, a refund might be provided, subject to mutual agreement between the manufacturer and retailer.

2. Warranty Inclusions

2.1. The warranty encompasses any electrical or mechanical part(s) included with the appliance unless specified in the exclusions.

2.2. Parts supplied or replaced at any time, irrespective of the appliance's warranty status, come with a separate 12-month parts-only warranty.

3. Warranty Exclusions

3.1.Furniture or cabinetry, door facings, plinths, or any component surrounding or attached to the appliance.

3.2. Consumables or replaceable items with limited lifespan, like light bulbs, unless they are within special appliances requiring unique tools to access.

3.3. Components susceptible to standard wear and tear, e.g., oven trays, fridge drawers, unless there's a visible manufacturing defect.

3.4. Items damaged due to accidents, misuse, or mishandling, e.g., discolored hobs from operation without pans.

3.5. Damage stemming from incorrect installation, e.g., dishwashers with uncut drain connections or electrical appliances with mismatched fuses.

3.6. Service costs where the engineer finds no fault in the appliance after thorough examination.

3.7. Damage resulting from appliance misuse or unintended use.

3.8. Commercial utilization of appliances meant exclusively for domestic purposes.

3.9. Damage from improper handling during transit. Damages during delivery must be reported within 7 days of receipt, and affected appliances should not be installed.

3.10. Indirect loss or damage due to appliance malfunction, e.g., food spoilage in refrigerators.

3.11. Service visits initiated without clear understanding of these terms may incur costs. Always verify before scheduling.

3.12. Any applicable call-out charges must be paid, even if no work is performed.

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