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AFF 87601 MST

AFF 87601 MST


Award-winning MasterSense Air

80cm induction hob with integrated downdraft hood

  • Re-invent your kitchen


    Discover the future of cooking with MasterSense Air, the people's choice and product of the year 2023 award winner. This innovative integrated hob and hood combination re-invents your kitchen with its ultimate combination of versatility, performance, and design. 




Voted Product of the Year 2023 for Design and Performance

Introducing Teka's latest innovation, the award-winning MasterSense Air - an induction hob with an integrated downdraft hood. Voted by customers as the product of the year 2023, the MasterSense Air combines design and performance in perfect harmony. It is designed to maintain the elegance and symmetry of your kitchen by saving space in a single appliance, without compromising on power and performance. With its practical cooking capabilities and odor-free technology, the MasterSense Air is the ultimate solution for a seamless and efficient kitchen experience. 

The Hassle-Free Way to Keep Your Kitchen Fresh

With automatic extraction, the hood starts up automatically once you begin cooking, adjusting the suction level based on the power and number of cooking zones used. Say goodbye to worrying about unwanted odours in your kitchen - MasterSense Air has got you covered.

Enjoy Clean Air with FreshAir Function

With the FreshAir function, you can enjoy family gatherings and parties with friends without worrying about the air quality. If the air becomes thicker and denser because of fumes or smoke, activate the FreshAir function to clean and purify your home.

The Future of Cooking

Discover the future of cooking with Teka's MasterSense Air - the ultimate solution for precision and control. Featuring advanced sensor technology, this innovative hob delivers consistent cooking results every time, so say goodbye to guesswork and hello to perfectly cooked meals. With up to 8 direct access functions, including melting, poaching, simmering, grilling, and even cooking rice to perfection. Simply select your desired function and let the hob do the rest - it's that easy!

FullFlex: Experience Versatility Like Never Before

Discover unmatched versatility in cooking with the MasterSense Air hob's Flex induction zone. Its flexible configuration allows you to use every corner of the cooking area, making it perfect for accommodating different shapes and sizes of pans. From grids and grills to rectangular recipients, this innovative hob saves space while maximizing usage. With its integrated hood and sleek design, MasterSense Air is the ultimate solution for practical and versatile cooking.

Downdraft Collection

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Modular downdraft hood

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