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Unleash your oven's steam power

Experience Teka's revolutionary innovation - the Teka Steambox. This game-changer transforms your Teka oven into a high-performing steam oven, redefining the way you prepare healthy and delicious food at home. Enjoy the benefits of steam cooking, a healthier approach that perfectly retains all the flavours, textures, and original aromas of your dishes. With Teka, you can elevate your home cooking experience without the need for a separate steamer.

Experience the wellness of steam cooking

Steam cooking with the Teka Steambox is as easy as adding water to the extra deep tray, selecting the solera function in your oven, and letting it cook! Whether you're preparing juicy proteins or crisp vegetables, the Steambox's individual trays adapt to your needs. After savouring your healthy homemade meal, simply pop everything into the dishwasher - we've got the cleaning covered.


The power of
5 accessories in 1

The Teka Steambox is a multitasker that includes two individual trays, allowing you to cook several dishes simultaneously. The extra deep tray ensures optimal heat diffusion and distribution, while the inner rack is perfect for enhancing the flavours of juicy dishes. With a glass lid complete with an outlet valve and silicone coating, steaming is made easier and more efficient.

Explore the art
of steam cooking

Reap the benefits of steam cooking with Teka's curated Steam Cooking Recipes Book. Enjoy food that's rich in nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, all while preserving the true flavours, textures, and aromas of your ingredients. With Teka, we make the commitment to promote healthy and accessible home cooking, ensuring every busy working adult in Singapore can enjoy well-balanced, delicious meals with ease.

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