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Product of the Year 2022

DirectSense Hob Series

Induction Hob Series

Cook any recipes and achieve epic results with a single touch. The DirectSense revolutionary sensor technology controls and maintains the perfect cooking temperature to ensure that your food is cooked perfectly every time.


Your hob can also detect where your pan sits and adjust the temperature accordingly.


Voted Product of the Year 2022 for Innovation Excellence

Step into the future of effortless home cooking with DirectSense induction hobs. Our advanced cooking technology is transforming home kitchens, making meal preparation more effortless, precise, and time-saving than ever before. With accolades and awards, including being voted 'Product of the Year 2022' for innovation excellence, DirectSense induction hobs are the upgrade your kitchen has been waiting for.

Temperature sensors ensure perfect cooking results

Experience the future of cooking with Teka's DirectSense induction hobs, featuring intelligent temperature sensors for ultimate precision and control. Utilising advanced sensor technology, these hobs detect the temperature of your cookware and automatically adjust the cooking heat, ensuring it stays constant at the ideal level.


Never overcook or undercook again, and experience consistent culinary excellence with every meal.


Infusing effortlessness into every recipe with DirectSense

Teka DirectSense is the world's first and only induction hob series that cook delicious recipes from start to finish. It has up to 10 DirectSense precision cooking functions, ranging from melting, poaching, and simmering to grilling. It can even cook rice to perfection. Select the desired function and let the hob do the rest. 

DirectSense Cooking Functions


Cook the perfect rice

The world's first and only induction hob capable of cooking rice from start to finish with a touch of a button. Thanks to the latest cutting-edge temperature sensors, the cooktop will control the temperature, amount of water, and time needed to get your favourite rice just right. 


DirectSense Intelligent Hobs


IZF 68700 MST

60cm DirectSense Induction Hob


IZS 63630 MST White

60cm DirectSense Induction Hob


IBF 64-G1

60cm DirectSense Induction Hob


IZF 65320 MSP

60cm DirectSense Induction Hob


IZF 94300 MSP

90cm DirectSense Induction Hob


IZS 34700 MST

30cm DirectSense Induction Hob

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