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Signature Oven Series

AirFry Oven 

Crunchy, healthy, oil-free. Yeah!

Discover guilt-free indulgence with oil-free frying. Teka AirFry Oven's special function gives an oil-free crunchy finish, offering healthy deep-fried pleasure.


Crunchy, healthy, oil-free.

Healthy and delicious oil-free french fries for the entire family!

Simply add frozen or precooked potatoes into the oven, select the AirFry function and enjoy a guilt-free meal.

Air is the secret ingredient

Teka AirFry uses rapid air convection to create hot air that circulates around your food, bringing out the crispy flavor in fries, chicken wings, and nuggets without needing a ton of greasy oil. 


Cooks evenly without turning the food around 

FryMaster Box is a uniquely designed perforated tray that enables thorough hot air circulation to evenly cook your food without the need to turn them over.

Go ahead, eat your veggies!

Fresh vegetables will taste juicy and crispy with only a few drops of oil, giving you and your family a healthy dose of much-needed nutrients. Healthy home cooking has never been so easy.


HLB 8416
AirFry Oven

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