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September 23, 2023

Teka's innovation shines again with the IBF 64 Infinity G1 Induction Hob, featured in "Home & Decor Singapore" as the Best Induction Cooker with a Matte Finish. Induction cookers, known for their electricity-driven, safe, and efficient cooking method, have become integral in modern kitchens. With the electromagnetic field technology, only the cookware gets heated, leaving the cooktop cool and safe to touch.

September 1, 2023

The indispensable role of microwaves in modern kitchens gets a nod, with our ML 825 TFL Microwave earning a feature in Highlighted in the article, “Best microwave Singapore: Our top 11 microwaves and guide to choosing one,” the piece explores the integral nature of microwaves in contemporary homes, driven by the demand for convenient heat-and-go meal solutions. As microwaves continue to evolve, offering affordability and advanced features, Teka stands out as a top choice for those seeking a blend of innovation and practicality.

May 16, 2023

Teka’s CC 485 Tubular Chimney Hood is spotlighted in "Home & Decor Singapore" as a top choice for modern kitchens! This guide demystifies the selection process, offering insights into various types of hoods and ventilation systems, and showcasing the advancements in exhaust technology. Teka’s innovation aligns seamlessly with diverse cooking habits and kitchen designs, providing an optimal ventilation solution.

February, 2022

Infinity | G1 Edition

A collaboration with Italdesign Giugiaro, combining state-of-the-art technology with exquisite design, inspired by emerging trends in premium products.

Pizza Oven

Achieves the highest domestic heat level of 340˚, baking pizzas to perfection in merely 3 minutes.

PremiumCare Series Dishwasher: Incorporates IonClean technology, ensuring superior sanitization and cleanliness by eliminating up to 99.9% of bacteria.

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