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Welcome to the future of home cooking

Join us at our brand new Singapore experience centre launch and transform the way you cook forever. Discover how Teka's advanced cooking innovations can help you achieve professional-grade results without the professional-grade effort.

To celebrate this special launch, we are offering an exclusive opportunity to access Teka appliances at unmatched prices, available only during our event days, exclusively reserved for our attendees. This limited-time offer underscores our commitment to bringing unparalleled value to your culinary experiences.



Master the Art of Steak

Teka SteakMaster 60cm Built-in Oven

Steak lovers, rejoice! Prepare to indulge in the pinnacle of beef perfection with the Teka SteakMaster. Co-designed with Michelin-starred chefs, this culinary marvel simplifies gourmet steak cooking. Achieve one-click mastery—from the marbled richness of Wagyu to the robust flavors of Tomahawk and gourmet beef burgers—with our exclusive 700°C steak grill feature and 20 automatic bespoke steak programs.


Say goodbye to extravagant restaurant bills and welcome steakhouse quality into your kitchen!



Full Steam Ahead to Healthier Flavours

Teka SteamGourmet 60cm Built-in Oven

Dive deep into the delicate textures and pure flavours with the SteamGourmet oven. Whether it’s tender salmon or vibrant vegetables, each ingredient is gently steamed to exacting gourmet standards, preserving nutrients and enhancing tastes that tantalize your palate. Go full steam ahead to sous vide perfection in your culinary creations with Teka.