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Signature Oven Series

SteakMaster Oven

Steak lovers, rejoice!

Steak lovers, rejoice. Discover SteakMaster, the first and only oven capable of cooking a perfect steak at home. 


This innovative and exclusive technology is developed by Teka alongside Michelin Chefs to guarantee the best steak results in every preparation.


Temper the meat

Having the meat at the right temperature is key to maintaining its juice and preserving all of its nutrients. Therefore, SteakMaster has developed a specific function to keep the meat at a perfect room temperature of 40ºC.

Sear the cut

The exclusive SteakGrill function cooks steak at very high temperatures (up to 700ºC) to effectively seal the cut to maintain the juiciness and flavor with a crispy finishing outside. 


Amplify the flavour

It includes a cast iron grill to get a perfect searing of the meat.

Always on point

Getting the perfect meat doneness is an art. SteakMaster lets you cook your steak until your favorite point, whether you like it rare, medium, or well done.

Steak-Rare-Medium-Rare - 980-Width.jpg

Your steak, your choice


Steak-Rare-Medium-Medium - 980-Width.jpg

Your steak, your choice


Steak-Rare-Medium-WellDone - 980-Width.jpg

Your steak, your choice

Well Done


SteakMaster Oven

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