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Modular Kitchen Series

VarioPro Series

Reinvent your kitchen

Discover our new award-winning VaripPro series. A modular hood and hobs range that offers flexibility to suit your kitchen and lifestyle.


Make the most of space

Mix and match the right configuration to suit your lifestyle, or build it up as you go. Whether you prefer a large induction cooking zone, multiple gas burners, or combining the best of both  - the choice is yours. You can even add a downdraft hood to complete your worktop.

Shaping the future of home kitchen

Teka's VarioPro is revolutionising the culinary world. Our Gas-On-Glass ExactFlame technology and award-winning MasterSense Induction offer precision and perfection, while our sleek VitroCeramic hobs make both cooking and cleaning a delight. Regardless of the configuration, with VarioPro, you'll be stepping into the future of effortless home cooking.


Design and functionality go hand in hand

With VarioPro's innovative and versatile design, the hood can finally be where you need it the most: right next to the hob. Our modular downdraft hood is sleek and powerful. Underneath the minimalist design, the hood's brushless motor is capable of quick and efficient extraction, keeping your stylish kitchen fresh and odour-free. 


VarioPro Modular Kitchen Series

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