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To become a pizza legend, you need more

Are you ready to become a pizza legend? Say hello to epic, restaurant-quality pizzas with Teka Pizza oven. You'll get the ultimate pizza experience right in your kitchen.


More Temperature,
More Perfection

Teka Pizza oven's automatic function takes your pizza game to the next level, reaching a scorching 340ºC for that perfectly crisp crust every time.

More crunch and flavour

The exclusive Pizza Stone absorbs moisture from the dough, giving you a deliciously crunchy exterior and perfectly juicy toppings. It's like baking in a professional stone-fired oven!


More pizzas
in record time

Imagine cooking 10 pizzas in just 30 minutes! With Teka Pizza oven's combination of high heat and the Pizza Stone, you'll have a delicious, perfectly baked pizza in just 3 minutes.

More professional
pizza accessories

Turn and take out your pizzas like a pro with Teka Pizza oven's must-have accessories. You'll feel like a real chef in your kitchen.


A world of
cooking options

Teka Pizza oven isn't just for pizza - it's a versatile multifunctional oven that can cook anything you want. Get ready to elevate your cooking game!



HLB 8510 P
Pizza Oven

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