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How to maintain your cooker hood

Teka hoods are excellent additions to your kitchen. It removes bad odours and greasy air to keep your kitchen fresh.


A well-maintained hood is necessary for it to work well for many years to come. The good news is that keeping a Teka hood in excellent condition is a simple job. Here are a few easy steps to help you maintain your hood in top condition. 


Keep the metallic grease filters clean


The metallic grease filters are usually located on the front line of the Teka hood. Check your user manual for the exact location and how to remove them safely. 


A clean grease filter is necessary to ensure high suction power. 

  1. Remove the metallic grease filters.

  2. Gently handwash the filters in hot water.

  3. Always pat dry the grease filters before slotting them back into the hood.

  4. Recommend washing them weekly to keep your hood operating efficiently.


Replace the charcoal filter regularly


All Teka hoods use carbon filters to remove odour and refresh your kitchen air.


Check your Teka user manual for the exact location of the charcoal filters and how to remove them safely.

  1. Remove the charcoal filters.

  2. Replace with new ones every 6 to 8 months. Increase the frequency if you do a lot of frying. 

  3. Do not wash the charcoal filters. Adding water to the charcoal will damage the filter, and reusing a wet charcoal filter can also damage your hood.

  4. Always use Teka's original charcoal filters to ensure your Teka hood performs at its best.

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